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Easy Breakfast Options for Busy Women

One of the most common questions I hear as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach is, “What should I have for breakfast?” I believe that the way you start is the way you’ll finish, and this concept absolutely applies to your nutrition. Starting the day off with good choices is essential to your long-term success.

So, what are some healthy options for busy women during the most hectic time of the day?!

1. Eggs

I could really end the list right here. Eggs are so versatile, so easy, and so nutritious, you could probably go weeks without having them the same way twice! A combination of protein and healthy fat, packed with vitamins, I think eggs are essentially the perfect food. Hard boiled. Scrambled, Omelete-d, in a crepe, in a muffin tin, sous vide, the possibilities are endless. Mix in some avocado, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, or anything else you like for a quick and delicious breakfast.

2. Last night’s protein

This is a wild concept: Breakfast doesn’t have to be the traditional “breakfast foods”. Have a leftover burger, a chicken breast, or any protein you stashed in a Tupperware last night. Leftovers make great breakfasts!

3. Skip It

Not a “Breakfast Person?” Not a problem! Intermittent Fasting (aka skipping breakfast) is actually a great way to rev your metabolism. There is a ton of research on Time-Restricted Eating, Compressed Eating Windows, and various other acronyms that all basically say, “go ahead and skip it.” The old advice of eating every 2-3 hours has been roundly disproven, and research now indicates that longer periods of fasting lead to more efficient fat loss.

4. On the Go

Convenience doesn’t have to derail your goals! Starbucks, Dunkin’, WaWa, and 7-11 all offer some version of egg bites, hard-boiled eggs, or store-made omelets. In a pinch, you could also grab a Quest Bar or Cookie, or a ready-to-drink protein shake. Sometimes having that quick bite to quell the hunger pangs before lunch is all that it takes to keep your head in the game nutritionally

5. Make a Shake

A protein shake is a great and super tasty way to front-load some protein, vitamins, and healthy fat into your day. Start with a high-quality and LOW SUGAR protein powder, and mix in some unsweetened almond milk, a splash of heavy cream, and a few berries for a delicious and portable breakfast. Short on time? You can add all of the ingredients to your blender cup and stash it in the fridge the night before, and just blend it with ice in the morning!

Like most things, preparation is key. Have a game plan (and a backup) for when mornings get chaotic.

For more helpful breakfast ideas or meal planning tips, schedule a Complimentary Consultation so you don't have to do it alone! Creating a plan together leads you closer toward accountability and the body you truly desire. Schedule your FREE Fitness Consultation NOW. Click HERE

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