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The Secret Reason You’re Not Seeing Results

I often hear from women, “no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight!”

It’s easy to understand why so many get frustrated or discouraged when it seems like achieving fitness goals is more about extremes and less about balance and enjoyable life style changes.

I'm here to tell you, don’t give up hope!

I can assure you that the majority of time, there is a simple and logical reason why kick starting your weight loss feels like a losing battle.

HOWEVER, before I delve into the most likely causes of fitness failure, let’s start with the LEAST likely and most challenging scenario: metabolic or hormonal dysfunction.

Some women suffer from thyroid or hormonal issues that make weight loss more difficult than those with optimal metabolic profiles. (If you suspect conditions such as hypothyroid, Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, or Menopause-related hormonal problems, or more reach out to your Physician or a Functional Medicine Practitioner for a thorough evaluation)

But the truth is…for the overwhelming majority of women, the biggest obstacle to achieving the body of their dreams is LACK OF CONSISTENCY!

It’s time to get really honest with yourself. If you’ve tried and tried again but still struggle to see results, you may be approaching weight loss with the end goal in mind, but the need to escape the journey to get there.

If you’ve been chasing a “Quick Fix”, the probability is that you are going to be disappointed. True health and fitness takes time and effort. It is a lifelong, regular, and often tedious process that is never quite complete.

Daily practice is critical in achieving and maintaining your ideal body. It truly is a lifestyle.

No matter how you play it, 4 weeks of hard workouts or crash dieting is not going to give you the sustainable results you want.

There will always be a holiday, a vacation, a sleepless night, a rough week of work. You must push through these regular, human obstacles and stay on track.

Honesty is the key that will turn the dial, even if you’ve had a less than stellar nutritional and workout week.

If your plan involves macro tracking, do so in an open and transparent way. Those little bites that don’t make their way onto your tracking app really do add up. Same goes for foods you may have “eye balled” instead of weighing or measuring out properly.

If you have a 45 minute workout session, but you find yourself going through the motions for the last 20 minutes, be forthright in your assessment of your daily exertion. Maybe you skipped cardio entirely, maybe your intensity is not quite where you need it to be.

When your Trainer or Nutritionist asks about your last few days of meals, alcohol consumption, sleep habits, stress levels, or recovery, let them know the reality of the situation!

The only way to receive the help (and results) you are seeking is to evaluate the efficacy of your program, and the only way to get the results you are putting the work in for is to be clear and honest with those you have brought in to help you get there.

The person most in control of your results is YOU.

You have the power to make the changes you want to see. YOU can choose to wake up early, have fruit for dessert, meal prep for success, and take control of your health!

Putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your fitness goals is the only way to steer yourself to success.

Any fitness professional will tell you (baring any medical issues) the story you’ve been telling yourself about “how nothing works for me” is actually not the case.

The secret to achieving your desired results relies in your ability to be honest with yourself and your team, as you do the uncomfortable work of following directions and accessing the right support to get you there.

With a renewed focus and dedication to your goals you can have the body of your dreams!

If you're ready to honestly take control of your health so you can have the body and life you desire, consider this a sign! Book your complimentary fitness evaluation and get on track to creating your dream physique! Schedule your evaluation here.

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