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10 Fast Food Hacks to Keep You in Shape

Just because you’re watching your diet doesn’t mean you can’t socialize with friends and family!

There’s lots of simple, delicious ways to order out and still stick to your program.

Here are some easy menu hacks for your favorite restaurants!

Restaurant/Menu Tips:

  1. Chinese: Order steamed chicken, steak, or shrimp with mixed veggies, sauce on the side. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over top and season.

  2. Mexican: Fajitas can be a great option if you ask for double protein and veggies, hold the rice, chips, and tortillas. Salsa and guacamole are fine, but skip the sour cream and queso.

  3. Japanese/Sushi: Sashimi is a fantastic way to load up on protein. Ask for a no-rice, or “Naruto” roll with a seared tuna or edamame appetizer. Miso soup and green salad on the side can complete your order. Hibachi can work well if you follow the same rules as above- extra protein and veggies, hold the rice. Avoid tempura and sweet sauces when possible.

  4. Starbucks: Sous Vide Egg bites are a great grab and go snack. Order coffee drinks with NO BASE. 2 pumps sugar free vanilla or cinnamon dolce, stevia and a splash of cream. Pink drinks can be made with unsweetened Passion Tea, sugar free vanilla syrup and a splash of cream.

  5. Fast food should be avoided, but in a pinch, burger patties can be ordered without a bun and enjoyed with a side salad. Double up on the Patty for a little extra protein. Jersey Mikes will make a “sub bowl” and serve your cold cuts over lettuce, like a chefs salad!

  6. The Diner: Here in NJ, diner food is a staple! Eggs, Burger Patties and salads are all easy and super tasty options available in pretty much every diner in the state! Make sure to hold the fries, hash browns and toast. Ask to substitute salad or veggies on the side instead.

  7. Italian: This might be the type of cuisine that requires the most creativity! A shrimp cocktail appetizer or large house salad is a good way to start your meal. A fresh, grilled seafood entree or steak is a safe bet to avoid the heavy carb load of pasta dishes. Finish the meal with an espresso or unsweetened cappuccino (stash a couple of stevia packets in your bag)

  8. A MAJOR menu hack would be a meal delivery service like Eat Clean Bro or Fit Food NJ. They deliver fantastic, healthy meals you just pop in the microwave. Very delicious and super high quality. They are just another option for kick-starting weight loss.

  9. Call ahead: I find most restaurant staff to be extremely accommodating when you call ahead and respectfully ask if there are any options that would fit your plan. Giving the chef a heads up that you might be ordering slightly “off-menu” or requesting some dietary accommodations helps him or her to prepare accordingly. Be polite and tip well.

  10. Pre-game and Call in a pro! Most restaurants have their menus available online. Oftentimes, if a client knows they’ll be dining out, we’ll check out the menu together and come up with a couple of options they can choose from. Heading in prepared helps to avoid those last minute panicked decisions!

Changing your lifestyle shouldn’t detract from enjoying your life! If you’re interested to learn how to make healthy eating work for you, schedule a Complimentary Consultation HERE.

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