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The TRUTH About Losing Baby Weight

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

If you follow celebrity gossip sites, you’ve no doubt seen countless models, starlets and television personalities seemingly “snap back” mere weeks after having a baby.

According to what we see online and in social media, (and what we are seeing is extremely wealthy women with superhuman genetics who have night Nannies, personal chefs, plastic surgeons, and, of course, photo shop) we get the impression that it’s totally reasonable to return to your pre-pregnancy weight shortly after delivery!

These unrealistic expectations make many new moms feel like they’re doing something wrong when they struggle to lose post-baby weight.

Well, here is some good news!

First of all, so-called “baby weight” is no different from any other kind of weight. It is excess body fat gained over the course of a year due to lifestyle and diet changes.

It is not some evil sorcery cast upon you from which there is no escape!

The difference is YOU!

Your world has changed! You are more tired and busy than ever before, and you have a new layer of guilt that settles over you whenever you take time out for yourself!

You might be struggling with postpartum hormones, or trying to get your feet underneath you in your new identity as a mom. Perhaps you’re trying to breast feed, maybe you have toddlers to take care of as well, maybe you had to go right back to work!

The truth is, you have never been this version of YOU, raising your children before.

And in order to find success with losing the baby weight, you need to start to

Give. Yourself. Grace.

-Allow yourself to feel the agony and the ecstasy of those early days of motherhood (or motherhood for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time around!)

-Allow yourself to be whoever and where ever you are right now.

-Allow yourself to remember that YOU are still in there somewhere, and you deserve care too!

And when you are ready, a set plan is your ticket to success so you can safely rebalance your body and your lifestyle to align with your functional and aesthetic goals.

Mothers who are fitness professionals can be invaluable assets in situations like these, as we understand the unique challenges of working out with an infant! In-Home Personal Training is your best option to start getting back in shape without the added stress of child care and the wasted time of commuting back and forth to a gym.

If you’re ready to start getting back to “You” don't do it alone. Schedule your complimentary Fitness Consultation and get back in to a body you love so you can focus on loving yourself (and the newest additions around you!) Don't put yourself on the sideline any longer. Schedule you consultation now! CLICK HERE

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